Originating from fashion industry, Aylin Süner and Fränze Müller have a thorough understanding of the industry’s structures and its challenges. Over the years the duo gained a great deal of hands-on experience in the most diverse departments of renowned companies and formed a refined intuition for success-oriented business solutions.

Due to their occupation as university lecturers at the MediaDesign University Berlin, they’re always informed about the current state of research and can consult their clients comprehensively.

“For years I’ve been working in fashion industry, gaining experience in different divisions of internationally renowned companies such as the production, sales or public relations departments. My journey took me along the value chain and around the world: via London to New York, from cosmetics to high fashion, and finally back to the innovation hub Berlin. Due to this experience I developed a diverse understanding of the relevant challenges companies face nowadays. My expertise provides me with a progressive and refined set of communication and business tools which I gladly share with my clients. Those techniques are driven by innovation but what does this mean exactly? For brands to survive in the digital age and the fast-paced business world, they need disruptive forces also called innovation. This term is abstract but it doesn’t have to be. Simply put, nowadays innovation means authenticity. This knowledge is key to my work and it is based on my time at The Row, when I learned what constitutes genuine brands. It is also shaped by my work at Beyond Berlin, where I learned what transparent and powerful communication means. This set of skills benefit me and my business to this day. I’ve been accompanying my clients for years now, working closely and sharing my expertise with them. I track their progress in real time. What they all have in common is that their search for a successful business model started with the creation of an authentic brand.”


“If you’re planning to be extraordinary in your field of expertise then you need to be passionate. My passion is communication! During my lasting career I got the chance to love and learn about all the relevant areas of internal and external brand communication. My time at IMG taught me the instruments of classic PR and international event marketing. The KaDeWe Group sharpened my sense for strategy and CRM. The master’s program at Otto Group trained me to become a crossmedia content marketer. This knowledge helps me to consult my clients solution-oriented on all matters concerning communication. At large companies you gain the necessary determination and the professional attitude that is needed to start your own business. I want to have the chance to put my own ideas into practice, freely and independently. Nowadays, communication shouldn’t be rigid. It has to flow and stand out. It has to captivate the audience!“


The development of strong brands is pivotal for the success of a business. To build and introduce them to the world is not only our job, it is our mission.